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Novasys Group Pty Ltd provides a wide range of products, processes and services that are used in many industries (including the Food, Wine, Printing, Paint, Paper, Textile and Water industries), and by research and quality assurance laboratories.

Novasys Group Pty Ltd currently markets and supports the instruments, equipment and services provided by the following manufacturers:

Ascott – Salt Spray and Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

BEVS Industrial Co., Ltd, China – is a leading instrument manufacturer specialising in developing high quality testing instruments for the Coatings and Printing Industries.

Cavey Laboratory Engineering Co Ltd – is a specialist instrument manufacturer providing equipment for the ink, coatings and medical industries.

C.E.B. Impianti –  is leading manufacturer of machines and complete plants for industrial containers cleaning

Christian Maier GmbH & Co, Germany – Rotary Joints (Rotary Unions) for Printing, Paper and Textile Machines

Erichsen GmbH, Germany – Measuring and testing instruments for Coatings technology

Hanatek Instruments, UK – Testing instruments for the packaging industry

Hunter & Associates Laboratory (HunterLab), USA – Testing instruments for the packaging industry

IKA Works, Germany and Malaysia – Process Dispersers, Mixers and Homogenisers

Inovex Systems – manufacture a wide range of fast, accurate and technologically advanced dispensing and mixing systems for the printing industry.

ISOCOLOR, USA – ISOMATCH 3G Colour Quality and Formulation Software for ALL spectrophotometers

Kuebler-Alfermi. GmbH Germany – Fermentation Monitoring System for Winemakers

The Leneta Company, USA – Test Charts, Cards and Applicators for the Paint and Printing Industries

OFRU Recycling – offers treatment systems of all capacities for the recovery of dirty organic solvents

Phynix – Surfix coating thickness gauges

Research Equipment (London) – manufacture analogue and digital ICI-Type and Multi-Speed Cone and Plate Viscometers

Rhopoint Instruments – Glossmeters, Minimum Film Forming Temperature Apparatus, Milliohmeter

Sheen Instruments, UK – Their product range covers all aspects of coatings application and quality testing with particular emphasis on application, colour and appearance and viscosity instruments

Teknimek – manufacture Rathe the Teknimek Proofer consisting of a separate Inker and Printer unit to enable you to produce print strike-offs quickly and easily

UV Process Supply, USA – UV Irradiators, Conveying Systems and Everything UV

Vale-Tech Ltd – specialises in the design and manufacture of dispensing equipment for the paint and printing industries

Versaperm Ltd – is a world leader in the manufacture of gas permeability testing instrumentation

Zeulab S.L. – Zeulab are a Spanish biotechnology company specialised in the provision of in vitro diagnostic tests for food and environmental applications.

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