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Versaperm Limited is a world leader in the manufacture of gas permeability testing instrumentation.

These instruments are used to measure gas permeability and package leakage; a very important consideration in medical and pharmaceutical packaging, foils and films manufacture, coatings, food and confectionery packaging and to many other industries where the leakage of gas into or from a product may spoil the product or cause a hazard to the product user.

With more than 30 years experience in testing a wide variety of materials and gases, Versaperm has the ability to design an instrument to meet your specific requirements.

Versaperm also offers a comprehensive permeability testing service and a packaging materials consultancy. This enables their customers to take advantage of Versaperm’s understanding of the performance capabilities of their instruments, and to have access to cutting edge developmental instruments before they are launched on the market.

For additional information, including brochures for Versaperm Ltd’s instruments, please go to our download section, contact Novasys or visit Versaperm’s website at

Versaperm Permeability Meter Mark VI

The Versaperm Permeability Meter Mk VI is a robust, reliable instrument with a high degree of automation enabling high accuracy and repeatability, but is easy-to-use!

The Versaperm MKVI Permeability Meter instruments are based on a modular option approach that enables each instrument to be built to meet the customer’s unique requirements.

This bespoke approach can be realised at prices competitive with mass-produced instruments.

The Versaperm MKVI Permeability Meter can be configured for up to three standard sized chamber modules, either for flat samples such as films, or for containers.

The chamber modules are housed in a temperature controlled cabinet, which may be chilled if required.

The Versaperm Mk VI Permeability Meter is routinely used across a wide range of industries and applications. These include:

Films, Coatings and Laminates

The original water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) meter was developed for measuring packaging materials with very low water vapour transmission rates, but less efficient barriers can also be measured with speed and accuracy.

• For low WVTR materials, measurement time is short enough for use in Quality Control laboratories.

• For very low WVTR materials, the integration technique will accurately measure almost insignificant levels of moisture vapour transmission.

• For higher WVTR materials, greater speed is achieved by using a lower surface area-measuring chamber, or a less sensitive sensor is available as an option.

The WVTR of rigid boards up to 38 mm thick can also be measured. Paint films and other surface treatments can also be measured by applying them to typical substrates such as plywood, hardboard, etc.

Medical Devices, Bottles and Sachets

The rate of water loss through surfaces and/or seals from containers up to 110mm diameter x 200mm long can be measured. Larger chambers can also be supplied. A small chamber option (which is attached to the diffusion chamber,) is also available and provides a faster reading of the moisture loss from small bottles, sachets and blister packs.

Measurement of Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH)

Equilibrium Relative Humidity (ERH) is a parameter of vital importance to industries manufacturing food, confectionery, tobacco, etc. By replacing the test specimen with a membrane of known WVTR characteristics, the ERH of any substance placed in the wet chamber can be determined. Accuracy is better than ±2% RH.

The Benefits of using Versaperm Instrumentation

• Fast Measurement Time – Less than 2 hours for 0.25 mm polythene film compared with 4-7 days using gravimetric methods.

• High Sensitivity – The normal range in the diffusion chamber with a standard test area is 0.02 to 64 g/m2/day. An optional diffusion chamber has a range of 0.2-3 00 g/m2/day – values up to 3000 g/m2/day can be measured by using smaller surface areas.

• Computerised Control – This allows the automation of many parts of the process, providing increases in speed and in uniformity. Customised software has been written for this instrument, which can be tailored to suit each customer’s requirements.

• Versaperm instruments are versatile – Chamber temperature is controlled to 0.1 °C from ambient +2°C to 45°C. Indicated temperature is accurate to 0.5°C. A chiller module is available as an option. Water vapour pressure across the test specimen can be changed by using saturated salt solutions in the wet chamber. An automatic humidity generation system is available as an option.

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