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UV Process Supply manufacture and supply laboratory and production UV curing systems, and all types of spare parts and accessories for UV curing systems.

A HUGE range of ancillary equipment and instruments……

Products available include laboratory curing equipment, small area curing equipment, low intensity UV Lamps and UV production curing equipment.

Components and replacement parts include microwave spare parts for Fusion UV curing systems, irradiators, conveyorized curing equipment, UV equipment accessories, UV lamp maintenance products and conveyor belts.

A FEW examples of the very wide range of products provided by UV Process Supply follow….

For additional information including technical documents to download please visit our download area, contact Novasys or visit UV Process Supply website at www.uvps.com


If an ink is to be compatible with a substrate, the surface tension of the ink must approximate that of the substrate.

The CON-TROL CURE® Felt Tip Dyne Pens measure that surface tension of plastic substrates and other non-porous surfaces.

These chisel-tip markers provide a quick, clean and easy method of testing treatment levels on polymer plastics.

The simple application of a Dyne Pen to the surface or printing side of the tested material will determine its surface tension value. In turn, proving if the wettability of the pen’s dyne level has been reached, ensuring good adherence.

Once surface tension is known, the tested material’s printability and adhesion properties may then be quantified. The Dyne Pens are tube Colour for easy identification.

Each set contains eight (8) pens in standard levels: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44 dynes/cm.

CON-TROL-CURE Liquid Dyne Pen Set 

Liquid Dyne Pen Sets are also available in a spring-valve tip version.

This design keeps the pen’s applicator away from the dyne fluid storage to prevent contamination.

Press the tip firmly down to open the valve and flood the tip with fresh fluid.

Each set contains eight pens ranging from 30 to 44 dynes/cm standard levels: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44. Additional levels from 46 to 60 can be special ordered, 8 pen minimum.

Lamp & Reflector Maintenance Kit

During production, various deposits accumulate on the lamp and reflector surfaces.

These deposits prevent the uniform delivery of UV light to the product.

The CON-TROL-CURE™ UV Lamp and Reflector Maintenance Kit contains everything you need to clean UV lamps and reflectors thoroughly: cleaning solution, soft, lint-free wiping towels, cotton inspection gloves. Enough materials are provided for numerous cleanings.

Recommended Cleanup Procedure:

Always wear cotton inspection gloves when handling the UV lamps. Dampen the lint-free wiping towel with lamp cleaning solution. Wipe the UV lamp lightly with the dampened cloth. Dry and polish lamp with a clean wiper. Lamp is ready to be mounted in the system.

The same procedure can be used for cleaning reflectors.

Never use abrasive cleaning compounds or steel wool for cleaning reflectors; these harsh products will remove the protective finish of the surface and reduce reflector’s reflectivity.

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