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Research Equipment (London) Ltd manufacture analogue and digital ICI-Type and Multi-Speed Cone and Plate Viscometers.

The original ICI Cone and Plate was introduced in 1966 and some 7,000 have been sold for applications in the paint, resins, ink, food, pharmaceutical and bitumen industries. It is one of the simplest methods of measuring viscosity for quality and production purposes.

The modern Research Equipment (London) Ltd CPD 2000 Digital Cone and Plate Viscometer continues the viscometer’s reputation for ease of use, reliability and durability. The multi-speed model expands the shear rate range from 6 sec-1 to 18,000 sec-1 for applications in many other fields.

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REL Analogue Cone and Plate Viscometers 

The REL Analogue Cone and Plate viscometers enable you to check a very small sample from the cooking vessel for viscosity in less than a minute. The instrument is thermostatically controlled over a wide range of temperatures, one of which is selected so that the melt viscosity of the resin comes within the viscosity of the instrument.

In this way, thinning tests are eliminated and a quick and accurate determination of resin viscosity is obtained.

Cleaning is easy! Because of the small sample required and the ease of access possible, a wipe with paper tissue and suitable solvent is all that is normally required.

The low temperature viscometer has been designed for routine measurement of the viscosity of paints. Good correlation with application methods (e.g. brushing) is ensured by the use of a high rate of shear (10,000 sec-1). The cone & plate principle is used because this is one of the most convenient ways of obtaining high rates of shear.

The ranges of measurement of 0-2, 0-5 poises and 0-10 poises are chosen as suitable for most normal paints. Alternative rates of shear or ranges of measurement can be obtained by using optional cones.

The high temperature viscometer has been designed for the control of the viscosity of resins, bitumen, hot melts and similar products, during manufacture.

Temperature control is essential in measuring the viscosity. This viscometer has built-in provision for holding the sample at the temperature regardless of normal variations in the bulk sample or in room temperature. The sample reaches the control temperature in no more than 15 seconds.

“A sample a minute” is well within the capacity of this Viscometer.

REL Digital Display Cone and Plate Viscometers 

The low & high temperature REL CPD 2000 Digital Cone and Plate Viscometer models are single speed cone & plate instruments designed to obtain the quick results needed for process control and quality when production is being monitoring.

Its design has been based upon REL’s experience of building the Analogue Cone & Plate Viscometer – The original instrument for the BS3900 Standard.

It continues to have a rugged design needed for its use in manufacturing, but with new features to meet the demanding controls in modern production standards.

The CPD 2000 is widely used in the paint, varnish, inks, resins, food, bitumen, oil, adhesives and pharmaceutical industries.

The Multi speed CPD 2000 enables readings to be taken at variable shear rates using multiple speeds at temperatures between 10 degrees and 230 degrees Centigrade.

These instruments are used in many areas, including the oil, paint, varnish, resin, bitumen, food, ink, plastic and pharmaceutical industries.

REL Krebs KR140 Viscometer

For measuring viscosity in the alternative ranges of 40KU to 140KU, 35gms to 1150gms or 150 to 4000 centipoises.

The REL Krebs KR140 Viscometer is simple to use and its operation is based upon the specification of ASTM D562.

With the spindle rotating at 200rpm and a paddle conforming to the ASTM D562 specification, the REL Krebs KR140 measures the power to maintain the spindle at 200rpm when the paddle is immersed in the sample.

A digital display shows the reading, selected in either Kreb Units, grams or centipoises.

This is an ideal instrument for use in the measurement of Paints and Coatings.

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