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The Hanatek range of products from Rhopoint Instruments is designed to fulfill the testing needs of the packaging and paper industry – From raw material through to finished products.

All high quality Hanatek instruments are manufactured in an ISO9001 environment.

Hanatek instruments enable you to add value by providing you with an understanding of the physical characteristics of your materials throughout their life cycle.

The Hanatek product range of test measurement equipment includes Crease and Board Stiffness Testers, Carton Board Creaser, Friction Testers, Film Thickness Gauge, Film Shrink Instrument, Melt Flow Indexer and the Rub Proof Testers.

Hanatek sample preparation equipment enables products or raw materials to be prepared for testing in the most efficient manner possible, saving your time in production or the test laboratory.

All Hanatek products are backed up with years of experience in the packaging industry, and are covered by a comprehensive extended warranty.

Novasys provides comprehensive calibration and repair services for Hanatek instruments, as required.

For additional information, including brochures for Hanatek’s instruments, go to our download section, contact Novasys or visit Hanatek Instrument’s website at www.hanatekinstruments.com

Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester 

The Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester is the most comprehensive tool available to you for characterising the surface slip of plastic film, printed cartons, packaging substrates or paper.

You can also use this flexible instrument to measure and display the coefficient of friction values of any flat surface including rubber, flooring plastics textile and leather.

In addition to providing dynamic and surface slip values for a surface, the instrument allows the full friction force output to be displayed, stored and compared.

This unique ability helps you to relate the feeding and running speeds of a product to its surface characteristics.

The Hanatek Advanced Friction Tester is available with optional extras to measure peel strength of adhesives, tear strength of substrates and the blocking of plastic films and coated cartons.

Hanatek Friction Tester

Hanatek Compact Friction Tester

The Compact Friction Tester provides detailed information of the slip characteristics of packaging material.

Surface slip is a key factor when printing, erecting or filling packaging materials on an automatic line.  Friction parameters help the manufacturer understand how the finish of a blown film or printed carton can influence the feeding and running speed.

In addition to these values the CFT produces detailed force graphs and statistics of multiple tests that can be printed to date / time stamped label (optional extra).


Hanatek Crease & Board Stiffness Tester CBT1

The Hanatek Crease & Board Stiffness Tester CBT1 gives board manufacturers, printers and packing companies the ability to predict the ‘runability’ of a sample board or finished carton before committing valuable materials or machine time.

Board stiffness and crease recovery are key characteristics that affect the running performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines.

Board stiffness and crease quality affect the running performance of cartons on high speed packaging machines.

The Hanatek Crease & Board Stiffness Tester CBT3 allows you to predict the ‘runability’ of a packaging substrate, compare batches of product and evaluate the suitability of alternative materials.

Hanatek Crease & Board Stiffness Tester CBT1

Hanatek – Carton Force Analyser

The Hanatek CFA measures the forces that limit the running speed of folding box board packaging.  By measuring the stiffness of the substrate and crease bending resistance the user can optimise cartons for faster running and packaging speeds.  The instrument allows individual creases to be analysed identifying problem areas in packaging design or manufacture.

Hanatek FT3 Film Thickness Gauge

The Hanatek FT3 Film Thickness Gauge is specifically designed to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of cast and blown films.

The instrument has an auto cycle mode that allows you to quickly check a large section of film for thickness variation.

Hanatek FT3 Film Thickness Gauge

Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer

The fully automated Hanatek MFI is used to accurately measure the melt characteristics of thermoplastic polymers.

Understanding melt flow is a key indicator for producers,  processors  and  converters  of  plastic materials,  as  it  dictates  the  temperatures  and pressures  required  to  manufacture  consistent, quality products.

Almost  80% of other melt flow indexers in current use have temperature variations of up to 20°C across the barrel*, leading to inaccurate test results and potential raw material failures.

The Tri-Zone barrel heating and control developed for the Hanatek MFI provides a stable and accurate temperature across the entire barrel length. This ensures exact compliance to all international standards.

The barrel temperature monitor included ensures that every test is made to exact temperature specifications. Deviations in measurement can be quickly identified and fine tuning of the barrel can be performed.

The piston travel sensor accurately reports the flow rate of the polymer throughout the test.



*Source Hanatek calibration survey 2010

Hanatek Melt Flow Indexer

Hanatek Rub & Abrasion Tester RT4

The RT4 rub and abrasion tester was designed by Hanatek to increase the efficiency and repeatability of rub proof testing.

The instrument is used for testing the ink/print, marking and rub resistance of cartons, films and commercial printed material.

It is also used for checking the cure and adhesion of UV inks and coatings.

This comparative test works by abrading a printed sample against a reference material under known conditions. The results can be used to identify alternative substrates, better ink and coating formulations or the suitability of finished cartons, films or printed books, magazines and promotional materials.

The instrument is supplied as standard with the felt measuring head and pad. This is suitable for the face to face (printed surface to printed
surface) method described in BS 3110 and also the printed surface to reference material such as Mellotex.

Alternative measuring heads/pads are available for conducting:

– Abrasion Test. This test is to check the through cure of coatings and UV varnish. This test will mimic the effect of transportation on printed
– Wet Rub Test. This test checks for coating resistance to water/solvent.

Operated with an intuitive touch screen, the configuration of test parameters in incredibly fast!

The cycle time for abrasion tests is pre-programmed, allowing the test to run unsupervised.

Hanatek Rub Proof Tester RT4

Hanatek – Universal Sample Cutter

The Hanatek Universal Sample Cutter has been designed for the simple cutting of samples for the packaging industry. Dies can be configured to cut samples for most test types including: friction, tensile, grammage, O2 permeability, CO2 permeability, WVTR, rub resistance, carton crease, carton stiffness and many more.

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