CO.FO.ME.GRA. Srl, Italy

CO.FO.ME.GRA Srl manufacture high quality chambers for Xenon Weathering, Xenon Weathering and Corrosion Testing, and Densitometers.

Founded in 1948 to design and manufacture carbon arc lamps, then later xenon lamps, and photo-etching machines for zinc and magnesium plates.

In the 1960s, CO.FO.ME.GRA. began producing a complete range of densitometers for quality control and standardisation in the pre-press, flexo and offset printing markets.

SOLARBOX instruments were developed in the 1980s for the accelerated testing of the resistance of materials to sunlight.

Known for their product innovation, CO.FO.ME.GRA’s modern factory in Milan, Italy, is staffed by highly qualified people dedicated to continuous improvement of their products and offering a full range of services, including: installation, training, technical support, maintenance and calibration services.

For additional information on CO.FO.ME.GRA.’s instruments and machines, go to our download section, contact Novsys or visit CO.FO.ME.GRA.’s website at

SOLARBOX Xenon Exposure Testing System

For accelerated light stability and weathering testing, SOLARBOX tabletop xenon test chambers are available in two sizes and four models.

Radiant energy is provided by a single, high quality, air-cooled Xenon lamp, which generates an irradiance level up to two times that of the sun.

SOLARBOX offers constant measurement and control of the irradiance during every test, compensating for lamp and UV filter ageing by a closed loop irradiance control system. Irradiation uniformity is ensured by the use of a parabolic reflector chamber. This design provides a reliable flat-bed xenon exposure system and very good agreement with rotating drum xenon exposures.

A flooding system for weathering tests is also available. During flooding, the Xenon Lamp can be programmed to be on or off. The flooding system operates with demineralised water from a closed recycling circuit, which minimizes the use the water,but offers the same test results as that of a high consumption spray system. PVC and corrosion-resistant materials ensure long life.

SOLARBOX instruments meet many international methods and Standards, including::

ASTM D904; ASTM C1442; ASTM C1501; SAE J2527; SAE J2412, QUALICOAT; ISO 2135; ISO 11341; ASTM D3451; ASTM D3794; ASTM D6577; ASTM D6695; GB 1865; JIS K 5600-7-7; MPI: #113; MS 133: Part F14., ISO 4049:2000; ISO 7491:2000,  IEC 68-2-9; ISO 4892-1; ASTM G151; ASTM G155, ASTM D4355, ISO 11798; ISO 12040; ISO 18909; ASTM D3424; ASTM D4303; ASTM D5010; ASTM D6901; ASTM F2366, ASTM D6551, ICH Guideline Q1B, ISO 4892-2; JIS K 7350-2; DIN EN 513; ASTM D1248; ASTM D2565; ASTM D4101; ASTM D4459; ASTM D5071; ASTM D6662; UL 1581, ASTM D4434; ASTM D4637; ASTM D4798; ASTM D4811; ASTM D5019; ASTM D6083. RUBBER: ISO 3865; ISO 4665, ASTM C1442; ASTM C1501, AATCC TM 16; AATCC TM 169; GB/T-8430; IS: 2454; ISO 105-B02.


DTP 642 Mini Densitometer for Desk Top Publishing

The only high precision densitometer for image-setter setup and film processor inspection.

This portable, hand-held transmission densitometer features a built-in light source to increase reliability and accuracy of density and dot area measurement.

And measurement doesn’t have to be on a light table!

Battery operated, the DTP 642 provides the performance of a laboratory desktop densitometer at a very competitive price.

DTP642 Mini Densitometer

DTP 646 and DTP 644 UV Transmission Densitometers

With a throat of more than 20cm, these instruments are ideal for the measurement of large films.

Rechargeable battery powered, (supplied with an AC adapter), the lit area around the reading aperture makes positioning easy!

With two, interchangeable apertures (1mm and 2,5mm) these instruments offer very accurate dot area and transmission density measurement.

DTP 646 and DTP 644 UV Transmission Densitometers
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