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Sheen Instruments, UK, has manufactured and marketed quality control instrumentation since 1947.

The very large Sheen product range covers all aspects of coatings application and quality testing with particular emphasis on application, colour and appearance and viscosity instruments. The fully digital viscometer range includes the well known Rotothinner as well as Krebs, Cone and Plate and Rotational types.

As an ISO9001 company, Sheen Instruments has all the facilities available to design, manufacture and, in co-operation with Novasys, provide support services for the Sheen range of products.

For additional information, including the full Sheen catalogue and datasheets for Sheen’s instruments, please go to our download section, contact Novasys or or visit Sheen Instrument’s website at

Sheen 401, 404, 406, 417 and 419 Flow Cups

These easy to use cups determine the flow time of paints, varnishes and other Newtonian (or near Newtonian) fluids. There are many types available, all engineered to the relevant national standards.

Cup types available include BS3900: Part A6, DIN 53 211, ASTM D1200 (Ford), ASTM 5125, BS EN ISO 2431, AFNOR, Frikmar and Zahn.

Flow cup stands, temperature/viscosity calculators and calibration oils are also available.

Certificates of Conformity or Calibration can be supplied for any cup at the time of purchase.

Sheen 501, 502 and 504 Hegman (Fineness of Grind) Gauges

The Fineness of Grind Gauge is used for the determination of the wet film thickness at which the size of the pigment just exceeds the film thickness.

These gauges are used to determine minimum grinding time in order to reduce your expensive grinding! Grind gauges are also used in comparing different sources of pigment that have been ground for equal times for cost vs. coverage evaluation, and to assist in optimising your grinding equipment.

The term “Hegman” is sometimes applied as a generic description to these gauges and, in spite of National and International specifications recommending the adoption of the micron (um) scale, arbitrary scales such as Hegman, North, FSPT. etc., are sometimes wanted.

Each gauge consists of a block of hardened stainless steel with dimensions of: 175mm x 63mm x 13mm with either a single or double channel of 12.5mm width and supplied with a scraper blade. Size ranges: 0-25um, 0-50um, 0-100um. Special sizes are also available to order.

Sheen 720 Pencil Scratch Hardness Tester

The purpose of scratch hardness test is to determine the resistance of coating materials or lacquers to scratch effects on the surface. This test is of particular value for furniture or vehicle lacquers, but is also a useful aid in the development of synthetic resins or other film forming substances.

Generally scratch hardness is measured by moving a more or less sharp object under a known pressure over the surface of the material. The test result may either be the value of the pressure required to scratch through the material if a scratching tool of constant hardness is used, or alternatively the hardness of the scratching tool if this is varied whilst constant pressure is applied.

Sheen 1107, 1101, 1114 and 1133 Film Applicators

Sheen provides a very large range of fixed gap shearing applicators including, wire-wound drawdown bars, “Bird”-type applicators, bar applicators, cube applicators, four-sided applicators, multi-film applicators, sag index applicators, sagging and leveling testers, adjustable film applicators and a micrometer adjustable film applicator.

The applicators may be used with the following test methods (amongst others): BS3900 D5/ISO 2813, ASTM D3258, D3265.

In addition, ancillary equipment such as drawdown beds, vacuum beds, etc, are also available.

Sheen 1003 Permeability Cups

The Sheen 1003 Permeability Cup provides a simple, reliable means for measuring the permeability to moisture of paint, varnish and lacquer film.

The apparatus consists of a flanged “Duraluminium”, cup to which a disc of the material under test is clamped by means of an inner ring and screw cap.

Sheen 1501 and 1503 Pyknometers

The Sheen 1501 and 1503 Specific Gravity Cups (Pyknometers) ere designed for use in the determination of density of liquids with respect to National Standards BS 3900 part A19 -1998, ISO 2811-1:1997, DIN 53217 and ASTM 1475.

Three sizes are offered; 50cc, 100cc and 83.3cc (US gallon), available in both high strength aluminium or stainless steel. To facilitate the use of two-pan laboratory balances, counterpoise tare weights can be supplied to order.

Sheen 1510 Pressure Density Cups

Simple pyknometers (Sheen reference 1501 and 1503) are best suited for measuring the density of non-aerated samples. Any materials which contain a significant volume of entrapped gas or air during manufacture can only be accurately measured using the reference 1510 cup.

The Sheen 1510 Pressure Density Cup takes a fixed volume (100 cc) of the sample and compresses it so that any errors due to entrapped air or gas are eliminated. As air is more soluble at high pressures, it is believed that the entrapped air is lost by its dissolution into the test material.

Any undissolved bubbles are then compressed to a fraction of their original size. By then weighing the pressurised sample, its true density may be calculated. Repeatability of this test is therefore very good.

Sheen VM and 480 Viscometers

The Sheen VM range of spindle viscometers from Sheen Instruments, are the ideal solution for performing precise viscosity measurements quickly and efficiently. Ease of use and versatility enable them to be used in many industrial applications where the determination of fluid properties and behaviour is essential. The principle of measurement is simple, but reliable, based on the well established method of measuring the resistance of a spindle rotating in the sample under test. The resultant torque measurement, rotational speed and spindle properties are then combined to automatically calculate the resultant viscosity value.

The Sheen 480 Digital Krebs Viscometer is used for measuring the viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. The viscosity of a non-Newtonian material varies depending on the rate of shear, but the Krebs viscometer measures the viscosity at a set speed shear rate which provides a consistent standard. The dimensions of the paddle conform to the precise specification of ASTM D562.

Sheen 495 Dispermaster

The Sheen 495 Dispermaster has been designed to give maximum efficiency and flexibility when blending multi-component formulations. It is an excellent tool for dispersing small to medium size quantities of varying viscosities.

The built in controller allows full control of output speed, indicated on a large LED display, which has been optimised to ensure that the output motor speed remains constant even when the sample viscosity changes.

Sturdy construction of the stirrer shaft minimises stirrer oscillations during operation at high viscosity or in dilatent materials.

Different impeller head configurations are available as standard to address your individual requirement. Customised versions are available on request.

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