Suppliers Q - T

Research Equipment, UK

Research Equipment (London) Ltd manufacture analogue and digital ICI-Type and Multi-Speed Cone and Plate Viscometers.

Rhopoint Instruments, UK

Rhopoint Instruments Ltd. has been producing test equipment since 1975. They are leading manufacturers in the supply of optical and laboratory instruments for the surface coatings industry.

Sheen Instruments, UK

Sheen Instruments is a division of Hartest Precision Instruments and is the United Kingdom’s leading supplier of coatings testing instruments.

SolarBee, USA

SolarBee is using Long Distance Circulation to solve water quality problems in fresh water lakes and reservoirs, potable water tanks and reservoirs, wastewater ponds and lagoons, and estuarine environments in over 14 countries around the globe.

Sorbisense, Denmark

Sorbisense is a knowledge-based company that develops, manufactures and markets patented technology for environmental monitoring of water quality.

Teknimek Engineering, UK

Teknimek manufacture Rathe the Teknimek Proofer consisting of a separate Inker and Printer unit to enable you to produce print strike-offs quickly and easily.

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