OFRU Recycling, Germany


OFRU Recycling manufacture a large range of plants for recovering soiled solvents for industry.

With over 25 years of experience in different applications, OFRU can provide a system to meet YOUR specific recovery requirements, ensuring an optimum treatment solution.

OFRU Recycling offers treatment systems of all capacities for the recovery of dirty organic solvents. (OFRU machines for solvents are EEx rated.)

OFRU systems are used worldwide in (amongst others) the printing, auto refinish, paint, screen printing, marine and chemical industries.

Benefits of OFRU systems include:

  • Fully automatic, “non-attended” operation
  • High yield recycling of expensive solvents
  • Fresh solvent is always available
  • Reduction of purchase and waste disposal costs up to around 90%
  • Low operating costs
  • Quick amortisation

OFRU Recycling’s customers include AEG, Agfa Gaefert, BASF Lacke & Farben, Carl Zeiss, Degussa, Du Pont, Akzo Nobel, Ericsson Telecom, Rodenstock Optic, Rehau AG & Co, Siemens, Tetra Pak and Philips.

For additional information, including brochures for OFRU’s solvent recovery systems, please go to our download section, contact Novasys or visit OFRU’s website at www.ofru.com

OFRU Compact – Small Continuous Recovery Unit

Easy and safe distillation

OFRU COMPACT – Continuous Feeding and Automatic Operation

The explosion-proof OFRU COMPACT is a small-footprint plant containing a horizontal distillation boiler made of high-grade steel that can be simply cleaned after distillation.

The OFRU COMPACT unit will distill between 60-400 litres of solvent per day.

The OFRU COMPACT fills fully automatically from a soiled solvent container, then can operate unsupervised until the soiled solvent container is empty, the distillation tank is full of sludge, or a fault occurs.

The clean solvent is automatically fed out of the machine into a suitable container.


  • Fully Automatic, continuous filling – no more pouring! Soiled solvent level is continuously maintained
  • Horizontal distillation boiler – Simple cleaning!
  • Small distillation boiler – Fast heating of the solvent with high rates of distillation due to the small size of the boiler
  • Integrated ATEX/EX switchgear cabinet with digital SIEMENS control
  • Built to the newest European guidelines – High levels of reliability!

OFRU ASC Series – Professional Solvent Recycling Systems 

The OFRU ASC solvent recovery plants were developed especially for customers who may require 24 hour, unattended operation of the distillation system.

These companies usually store solvent in 200 litre barrels or large volume tanks and pump the solvent to cleaning units (for container cleaning, IBC washing, etc).

The range of OFRU ASC recovery units have a treatment rate starting from 20 litres per hour up to more than 2,000 litres per hour to meet all customer requirements.

All OFRU ASC solvent recycling plants utilise modern technology and contain high quality parts (all parts in contact with solvent are either high grade stainless steel or teflon) for long, trouble-free use.

The OFRU ASC range contains a high grade, conical distillation vessel without welded joints. These machines are self cleaning – OFRU’s patented slow running agitator with self-adjusting scraper blades keeps the vessel walls free from soiling and breaks up any “lumps” of sludge, ensuring maximum recovery of solvent.

The OFRU ASC-100 is fitted with an integrated thermal oil heating system, the larger machines utilise OFRU’s integrated high efficiency steam heating system.

When the distillation vessel fills with sludge, the machine enters an automatic sump distillation process. The solvent residue is concentrated to a selected viscosity, after which the plant shuts down automatically, enabling an operator to discharge the thick, viscous distillation residue through a outlet valve on the bottom of the machine, after which the machine can be restarted.

With an optional pneumatic drain valve fitted, OFRU ASC machines can automatically discharge the residue and restart without any operator intervention. In both cases, no manual cleaning is necessary.

OFRU ASC solvent treatment plants are widely used in the paint, lacquer, print and flexo print companies and by professional waste processing companies.

WSC Series – Water Evaporator

The non-EX-proof water evaporator WSC combines the effect of a vacuum and heat-pump technology to create a low temperature distillation system for the recovery of industrial wastes.

This combination also results in a system with extraordinarily low energy consumption.

Under vacuum, water-based solvents evaporate at a temperature of approximately 35°C and vacuum pressure of around 40 mbar.

The liquid to be treated is continuously added by a metering system, and held a constant temperature in the evaporator system. Recycled water (the distillate) flows out of the machine at a constant 20°C.

The concentrated liquid sludge containing the impurities is automatically discharged when the machine is full. The entire system is controlled by a sophisticated PLC unit that provides safe, unattended operation.

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