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Fermentation Monitoring System for Winemakers

Fermentation curves with Vinoquant 11 plus

Alcoholic fermentation is the most important process in wine production. That is why it should be closely monitored daily via fermentation curves, so that deviations such as sluggish fermentation and sulphide off-flavours can be identified swiftly and corrected without delay.

Vinoquant 11 plus is a revolutionary system for creating fermentation curves. It uses a refractometer with Bluetooth interface for wireless transmission of the must weight measurements to a tablet or notebook. The latest fermentation curves are calculated and displayed at lightning speed directly at the fermentation tank – exactly where the winemaker needs it. A few drops of must on the prism and the results take only a few seconds. Accurate curves of alcohol levels, must weight in e.g. Brix % or degrees Baume and fermentation temperature are generated, as well as approximate residual sugar figures – from 35 to 0 g/l.   All in less than 10 seconds!

Accuracy at the end of a continuous fermentation: 2 g/l residual sugar (according to DLR-RLP, Neustadt) – therefore much more accurate than measurements with a hydrometer (density meter). (Deviations from the correct measurement are up to approx. 15 g/l, without really knowing how faulty the measurement result is within the tank).

Vinoquant 11 plus Refractometer
Kuebler Alfermi GmbH

Vinoquant 11 plus consists of:

  • A digital refractometer (adjustable for 0 – 35% Brix, 0 – 29.5° KMW, 0 – 29.5° Babo, 0 – 19.3° Baumé, 3 – 154° Oechsle and 0 – 22% Tavp) with Bluetooth interface,
  • A tablet/notebook PC with Windows Operating System (required) and Vinoquant 11+ software.

Time to create the fermentation curves at 1 measurement per day, per tank.

(Example: Winery with 50 fermentation tanks (double occupancy in autumn, that is, about 45 days)).

a)  Time required with Vinoquant 11 plus per measurement, including automatic fermentation curve creation: 10 seconds x 50 x 45 = 22,500 seconds = 6.25 hours.

b)  Time required for equivalent manipulation with a hydrometer and manual fermentation curve creation: 5 minutes (minimum) x 50 x 45 = 11,250 seconds = 187.50 hours.

There are consequent savings in labour costs and with Vinoquant 11 plus, the risk of personnel measurement error is eliminated.


Input mask for fermentation curve on the tablet/laptop

Input mask fermentation curve on the tablet/laptop

Optimal Overview of the fermentations

Just before reaching the “target sugar” and in case of signs of fermentation stops, a large red box appears as alarm for the relevant tank in the column “fermentation status”.

Optimal overview of the fermentations

Modern fermentation curves

Modern fermentation curves

For additional information, contact Novasys or visit Keubler website at https://www.kuebler.com/english2/index.html



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