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The machine program of IKA Works is as diverse as mixing technology itself.

Manufacturing a wide range of laboratory mixing, dispersing and homogenising machines, including the multi-functional Magic Lab, IKA’s laboratory systems provide excellent correlation to their pilot and production plants.

This means that a minimum of time is required by you to develop new products or methods.

To meet a wide variety of applications, IKA has developed a new modular construction series.  With this series of machines, it is possible for you to carry out different process steps like dispersing with “high-shear”, milling or continuous mixing of solids and liquid with only a few modules. A very economical solution!

The innovative GMP mixing plant enables you to processing of high viscous products, under pressure and vacuum, if required.

For discontinuous processing technology, IKA offers you a complete program of stirring, mixing and dispersing machines. Working with their customers and with research institutions, IKA is constantly developing and testing new technologies, materials and applications, with the aim of offering their customers more effective and efficient machines.


For additional information, including brochures for IKA’s instruments, go to our download section, contact Novasys or visit IKA website at www.ika.com

T series ULTRA-TURRAX Dispersers

The IKA T-series range of dispersers are designed for the mixing and dispersing of products with a wide range of viscosities. This series of dispersers enables you to achieve the best possible results for any application, with improved product quality and better stability.

Suitable for use with viscosities up to 5,000 mPas at speeds to 25,000 rpm (dependent upon volume), and incorporating overload motor protection, a “quick-connect” coupling to exchange dispersing tools easily, a digital display for precise monitoring of set and actual speeds, and 2+1 year warranty (after registering on IKA’s website), the T series ULTRA-TURRAX machines are a flexible, reliable solution to your lab mixing and dispersing needs.

IKA Magic Lab

The IKA Magic Lab is a unique, multifunction small-scale laboratory machine.

Designed for mixing, dispersing, wet milling and the incorporation of powders into liquids, the Magic Lab is perfect for the development of your new products or for the optimising of your existing process techniques, particularly for companies in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The Magic Lab’s interchangeable modules make it an ideal machine for continuous, circulating and batch processing. Many operational parameters of the magic LAB match those of the IKA inline production machines.

This ensures that the Magic Lab offers you a reliable scale-up by offering the same manufacturing method from formulation development to mass production.

The basic in-line machine is equipped with the single-stage dispersing module ULTRA-TURRAX UTL. This unit is best suited for batch manufacture and can be adapted for the production of fine or course dispersions.

When compared to a conventional stirrer, this Magic Lab configuration can reduce mixing time by up to 50%.

The module DISPAX-REACTOR DR enables the conversion of the magic LAB into a multi-stage, high capacity dispersing machine for fine particle size reduction. In just one pass the DR module typically produces a fine dispersion with a narrow size distribution. The DR module also provides optimum homogeneity – Extremely important for long-time stability of emulsions or suspensions.

The CMS module is used for solid/liquid mixing. Ideal for the enrichment of liquids by powders by recirculation, the CMS module creates a vacuum at the powder inlet, thus sucking the powder directly into the mixing chamber of the machine. This ensures quick, dust and lump-free incorporation and very energy-efficient, homogeneous mixing.

The MHD module enables fully continuous incorporation of powders into liquids. The mixing ratio of solid to liquid can be either volumetrically or gravimetrically controlled. Depending upon the product characteristics, dispersions with viscosities up to 50Pas or with solid content of up to 80% can be achieved – In one pass!

The Colloid Mill MK and Cone Mill MKO modules are used for wet or fine milling of hard and granular raw materials, or for the production of fine emulsions. These modules can also be used to improve the quality of finished dispersions. The MK module consists of two cones with differently directed flow channels on their surfaces. The distance between the cones can be adjusted, changing the friction as well as the flow capacity. By adjustment of the milling gap, the particle size can also be varied. The MKO module is similar to the MK module, but the outlet area of the cones is coated with tungsten carbide for abrasion-resistance. This results in an enlarged friction surface enabling the production of even finer suspensions at a reduced flow.

The magic LAB can be expanded into a Micro-Plant using a single or a multi-stage inline dispersing machine, or a cone or a colloid mill. This optimal, cost effective solution enables the development of formulations and processes as well as the determination of a suitable tool. Different process parameters such as speed, shear rate, temperature, pressure and time can all be established and optimised.

There are two versions of Micro-Plant: The 1 litre Micro-Plant is fitted with a single wall open vessel, the 2 litre Micro-Plant is equipped with a double wall vessel to enable heating or cooling of the product.

In addition, the 2 litre Micro-Plant has options to enable you to work with pressure and/or vacuum.

All Micro-Plants are equipped with a circulating pipeline and three-way valve to provide the capability to work in either recirculation or single pass then discharge modes.

The basic configuration (with module UTL) is capable of a throughput of product of approximately 130litres/hour.

Using IKA’s “labworldsoft®” software, the magic LAB can be PC-controlled.


Benefits of the magic LAB:

  • Flexible and easy to use – The one machine can address many applications and a wide range of processes
  • High energy input into the product ensures optimum mixing, dispersing and wet milling results
  • Simple heating or cooling of all modules
  • When used in conjunction with Series 2000 inline machines, excellent repeatability between laboratory processes and production
  • Easy, quick exchange of the modules and possible conversion into a complete working plant
  • User-friendly operation via the magic LAB controller
IKA Magic Lab with module CMS
IKA Magic Lab module CMS

The module ULTRA-TURRAX UTC converts the magic LAB into a batch disperser.

IKA Pilot Plants

IKA Pilot Plants offer excellent correlation between your lab and your production.

IKA ensures that product development to mass production is seamless by offering a range of machines where each machine can handle both small and large capacities.

The magic LAB, the LABOR-PILOT and the PROCESS-PILOT machines are perfectly suited optimising recipes and process parameters. These machines are characterised by having the same energy input as analogical IKA in-line machines with higher flow rates.

The IKA Pilots produce of coarse and fine dispersions, enable lump and dust-free input of powder into liquids, as provide homogenous mixing. A wide range of accessories is available to enable the conversion of these inline mixing machines into full lab and pilot mixing plants.

IKA pilot system Master Plant systems have batch capacities of 10, 25 and 50 litres. Master Plant systems are designed for mixing and dispersing, and provide effective suction of solid and liquid additives. This plant was developed for use with high viscosity products (up to 100,000 mPas).

Master Plant systems allow you to produce high-quality, degassed emulsions and suspensions quickly.

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