As a result of the natural brewing process used by Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, products can contain naturally occurring sediments that create a hazy appearance. The seasonal variation in the ingredients cause differing levels of sediment and haze from batch to batch. Bundaberg Brewed Drinks blend so as to give consumers as near to consistent quality as possible – and this requires strict quality control.

Fortunately, spectrophotometers allow producers to accurately measure soft drink colouration and haze, the means to replicate and ensure consistent production. For the best results, the right spectrophotometer – and the right measurement techniques – for particular beverages must be selected.

Traditionally, haze and colour have been measured separately, often requiring two different instruments and doubling the amount of time and labour involved in the quality control process. However, HunterLab’s new spectrophotometer, Vista, eliminates the need for two separate instruments and even two separate measurements. This remarkable bench-top spectrophotometer combines the finest transmission colour measurement with simultaneous haze measurement, allowing producers to easily provide colour and appearance information as objective, quantifiable data at the touch of a button. Paired with powerful Essentials software, Vista provides everything needed to gain a complete picture of soft drink quality and behaviour. While Vista is ideal for monitoring colour and haze in existing products to ensure adherence to established standards, it is also the perfect tool for assessing new production variables and processes.

The HunterLab Vista spectrophotometer meets Bundaberg Brewed Drinks requirement for a product development and quality instrument that enables provision of consistent quality products to satisfied customers around the world.

For detailed information about measurement of colour and haze in beer, wine and other beverages, please contact


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