Out of Production, Support No longer Guaranteed

Users of the MiniScan XE Plus are advised that this instrument has been out of production since October 2013 and support cannot be guaranteed after that date.

Users of:

  • ColorFlex 45/0
  • D25 DP9000

are advised that these instruments have been out of production since December 2014 and support cannot be guaranteed after that date.

Novasys will continue to provide Preventive Maintenance and call out services while parts are available.

Users are invited to enquire about the MiniScan EZ, ColorFlex EZ and D25 NC instruments.

Literature  and Quotes will be supplied on request, with no obligation.


Universal Software is also no longer supported. There is no longer an upgrade path from Universal Software to EasyMatch QC. Users wishing to upgrade, need to purchase EasyMatch QC. This includes a Utility to convert the Universal database to EasyMatch QC.

Out of Production Only.

The ColorTrend HT and D25 LT are no longer in production, but will continue to be supported until December 2018 and June 2019 respectively.


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