IKA Magic Lab

IKA Magic Lab – One module, 8 tools for all lab scale mixing & dispersing

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Solid Solar Thermal Array

SOLID – Advanced Large-scale Solar Thermal Energy Systems

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Ofru Range

OFRU Continuous Solvent Recovery Systems – Save solvent, save money!

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SunTracker – The #1 Active Daylighting Skylight Worldwide!

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All-in-one Chemical-free Water Purification and Disinfection Systems

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Welcome to the Novasys Group website

Novasys Group Pty Ltd is a leading instrument and machine supplier to the Food, Wine, Paint, Print, Pharmaceutical, Textile, Chemical, Paper, Water, Environmental and Analytical and Laboratory Industries.

Vale-Tech AquablendThis equipment provides our customers with quantifiable cost savings and/or productivity increases.Ofru ASC150

Products and services marketed and supported by Novasys Group are used widely for quality assurance applications, production, resource recovery and process control.

HunterLab ColorFlex EZThese include colour quality control and appearance assessment instruments (HunterLab), glossmeters (Rhopoint), colourant and chemical dispensers (Vale-Tech Ltd), coating application and testing instrumentation (Sheen Instruments and Erichsen), solar powered water and wastewater circulation systems (SolarBee Inc), mixing and dispersing systems (IKA Works), a huge range of standard substrates for coating and printing (Leneta) and much, much more!

Explore our website – We’re sure that you’ll will find something that will provide you with a solution to the problems that you need to overcome, or something that will provide a cost saving process improvement to your production process.

New Product Ranges

Spectrex Laser Particle Counters - Go to our Spectrex page

IKA Works Process Mixing and Dispersing Systems - Go to our IKA Works page

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